• English and Greek classes: In both languages we offer separated courses for adults, minors and children. The classes are given by experienced teachers who work permanently at MOSAIK. The courses are designed as a ten weeks program in which students learn to read and write the latin alphabet and learn basic skills of communication. The courses follow a defined structure and end with a final test. After passing the exam each student gets a MOSAIK diploma which certifies their achievment of the A1 level.
  • Arabic classes for locals and volunteers: These courses are given by a former professor from Syria and is an offer to locals, ngo employees and volunteers who are interested in learning the arabic alphabet and basic communications skills to be able to communicate with the people from arabic speaking countries. There are many reasons to learn the language whether it is out of interest for a different culture, because of a job or just to be able to communicate in the native language of people coming to europe.
  • Children's creative space and day care: The day care is an offer for children whose parents participate in classes, workshops or getting legal aid at MOSAIK. During that time the children are taken care of by trained social workers who play, paint and read with the children. Depending on their age the social worker also does some small exercises with them in English and Greek to get used to these languages and to prepare them for a possible participation in a greek school.
  • Computer classes: This class is developed to give people the opportunity to learn basic skills on a computer including basic computer instructions and working with office programs. Part of it is to learn how to write a Curiculum Vitae and to be able to use the internet for information and communication purposes as writing emails. The program is targeting unexperienced students and is held by a university professor from Mytilini.


  • Upcycling workshops: There are two Upcycling workshops at MOSAIK. One is the lifejacket workshop in which the exterior of lifejackets collected from the beaches are turned into bags. The second is the Recycling Art Workshop in which the interior of lifejackets mixed with carton to papermache is used to form decorative items. Both workshops are a response to the waste problem on the island caused by the crisis and create job opportunies for refugees and locals.
  • Weaving workshop: Given by an expert in weaving this workshop is an offer to both refugees and locals to learn the basics of weaving on a small frame. The workshop takes 10 weeks and takes place twice a week. Especially because it is a workshop that also can be attended by people without the ability to communicate in english it is a positive example of creating small groups of people with different nationalities and support active integration and interaction between people.
  • Peace and justice theater workshop: This daily workshop is given by a volunteer and works with children. (More to come...)


  • Children and adult choirs: There are two choirs, one for children and one for adults. The choirs are taking place once a week and are conducted by Marisa who is part of the polyphonica group. The choirs are open for refugees and locals and is a perfect way to bring people together through music. It is also a creative and cheerful way to express yourself and has a very good psychological effect to people. We are very happy that Polyphonica offers this event at MOSAIK.
  • Multilingual Library: One of Mosaiks slowly growing projects is the multilingual library. There are already books available in several languages like English, Greek, Arabic, Farsi and some more. Besides educational books there are also novels, history books, children and sience books. We still collect books in different languages and from different countries. More and more people take advantage of reading at MOSAIK or even take a book home get into topics they have not been in touch with before.
  • Cultural and awareness events: There were several cultural and awarness events at MOSAIK in 2016 and many planed for 2017. We had parties, art exhibitions aswell as a gender violence awareness event. Next year there will be more concerts and educational events aswell as conferences and meetings regarding reactions to the humanitarian crisis and the politics of the european union. Also we want to start regular cinema evenings with movies from all over the world.
  • Sports: During the summer 2016 we had very good experience with sport activities for children, women and adult groups. Especially the swimming courses were a huge success and used by many people. But there were also general sports with football and basketball. After the winter we will pick up these activities again. As a contrast to all the educational offers we are very happy also to offer some physical activities too.


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